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Relaxed and smooth

So i have decided to put something up … even though it is Saturday .. but in the same breath i have decided that the weekend posts if there are any will be a joke, or a funny pic or a random comment rather then a massive post… all about balance u c.

So enjoy your weekend… Give love, dont make war.


Hotchocolate, pancakes, Bed

It is one of these days… when all that is right in the world is cuddling in bed watching a dvd or maybe a good book infront of a fire. You know the days im talking about. Overcast weather, a nice big yawn, pajamas all day

but then “reality” hits, and you relize that it is not a weekend day and that work is needed to be done. Yes i know i got you all warm and fuzzy for a second .. the thing is you dont have to be sad about it .. you can still have an amazing day! There i go again lol.. i thought this is going to be a relaxed post… but really. YOU control your feelings and emotions every moment, don’t let things around you control your actions. Have a great day!! You can!


Change your stars !

I re watched “The knights tail” last night …I always enjoy it.

1 of the themes that goes through the movie is the fact that a peasant boy is a knight… it seems he has taken a position that does not belong to him. But I take not that he was cheating but the fact that he knew in his hart what he was… and when the opportunity came – he grab it and never let it go. Even when he was going to get arrested he acted like the knight he is.

Later on as you know if you have seen the movie.. he is knighted… he is given the position he always believed he was. He was recognized for who he truly is and now no one could question it.

Now im not saying go do something illegally and then get rewarded for it afterwards… I am saying however you can change your stars, you don’t have to be a certain way or act, even become something cuz of circumstances things around you are there… it is how you choose to react to them.

Susan Boyle is the latest person i know who changed her stars…and on TV the other day they were showing a millionaire that gave back to a community… one similar to one of his own when he was a kid…seeing how the community was in a state – He definitely changed his stars.

I would like to add that im not talking about money necessarily, im talking about being the person you want to 2B, doing what you want to do despite all of the ppl around you saying no! or that it just wont work!

go for it ! enjoy getting to where you want to be! Set you goal and when you reach it or reach them (good to have more then one goal) set some more.contrary to what you might think >>> It is amazingly fun and majorly rewarding when you put your mind to a curtain thing and make it…

Decide what YOU want 2B, what stars YOU want and then YOU do it.

-There is a guy that can help you.. and i will get to that,but for now if u need help -i think we all do- go on your knees look up and say Jesus i need help.-


deepest desire (first poem on blog)

deepest desire

i want to have a lady that just wants to be with me for no reason
just because
cuz she likes hearing my voice
because I make her happy
make her laugh
the smile on my face

I want to look into her eyes
and see them sparkle
i want that feeling of warmth
of -sigh she is fine
and i thank God she is mine

I want to debate with myself
fight with myself
whether what I feel is love
or just some attraction that will blow away
and find later after a tussle
find out that it is love

even the arguments,
that will and might come
i want to work through them.
because i know that in the end it will be all worth it

I would like to feel what other people
So many people have felt before me
Every emotion
every question

i want to go away
even home
and be missed
i want to be kissed
and know that it is deeper
then the tingle on my lips

im I any less of a man then what i will be
do i feel that my better half is what i need to complete me
all im saying
trying to express
is this

I would like to meet my best friend that i am going to live with for ever and know that she is this person
I would like to look at her and ask,
my love, how was your day?

– J I Heeley


fear of not living ≠ fear of death

i have a “fear” that i im not living
i do not however fear death

you might say that that is one in the same but it is not.

You see death is being taken from this world that we call earth. It means no longer breathing – heart pumping.
Not living however, is not waking up and realizing that you are a life and that today is worth living to the full. Not living is missing the making of a decision that will change your life for ever. the decision of Good morning… today I want to live!

To many ppl live ½ their lives with their head in the sand… like a freaken ostrich… scared of the world. Then blame it on the fact that no one told them, or that “I did not know”. Grow up! take charge of your own life, your future is in your hands.  Learn from the past, plan for the future, Live Now!

My fear is not death, but rather not living.


Hello world!

the title is the one given, but i thought id leave it up there. cuz i can

so hi, i figure that i need to start blogging…

1 to see what the fuss is about and 2 cuz i figure if im going to be a speaker then i need one… all speakers have blogs… not speaker speakers, speakers 😀 ya it is a recent decision to become one or to be one.

but it kinda chose me, why cuz He chose me so .. you know, can’t get away from it… and so me “choosing” to be 1 is actually accepting His plan for my life. We will see how it all turns out, can’t w8 !

o and b4 you say anything, who ever you are… i don’t really have a plan on how,how much or what to write .. but if it is … then it is

i know that you will enjoy the blog, and that you will be moved by it.

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“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men” –Johann Wolfgang Goethe