None Existent Sense – J I Heeley

None Existent Sense


Why do beautiful butterflies sit on poo

And the whole world looks so blue

Why do babies have to cry

Why do people have to die

This world is so crazy

Why’s black soda so tasty

Who decides what the best life is

Why do we agree to follow

Why is Pluto not a planet

We throw ourselves off edges

To feel that we are alive

Yet killing people in TV games fun

We test ourselves at every corner

And then if we fail, it hurts

We shout as loud as we can

For people who don’t know us

And if they win

We have won

People party all night to have fun

They drink and get drunk

Then wake up the next afternoon

Having pain and having forgotten

Why is fresh water full of chemicals

Why is trust and love not freely given

Why do people always know the answer

Mathematics is made up anyway

A bunch of numbers and lines

That somehow makes sense

Why is know thy self not a subject

When the question is who am I

We take our cues from music

And stars on red carpets

Looking up into the sky

We play a child’s game

Connecting the dots

We call them constellations

Trying to make sense of this world

Trying to find the answer

Looking for the truth

It just might be, none existent.

–  J I Heeley


1 Response to “None Existent Sense – J I Heeley”

  1. March 27, 2010 at 08:31

    2 days ago i was making a fashion show at camp discovery where you shared this poem with us all the girls from st. dominics we were tuched by it and we still talked about it coming back on the bus. i have printed it and will stick it one the bord when school reopens just as a thought and something to think about you are truly a great wrighter and i ask that you share this poem with more and more people. carry on wrighting who knows you may just concer the world

    love tiffany

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"once you have decided what you believe; know that the truth is also out there" - J I Heeley

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men” –Johann Wolfgang Goethe



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