top gear

Great show is in not? They seem to have the best time ever! I mean driving in the most amazing cars and cracking jokes with audiences that come to listen to you talk about cars … a talk show comedy car show. but yet still they do the same thing over and over and the same thing again and again. i would like to talk about making your own day amazing.

You can shift into Top Gear…Push ur self today!!! do more today then you think you can. stuff the dull and uninspired day.. really now !

Yes this might not be major news but as always sometimes we forget … in this case it is the feeling of hard work and it is a fantastic feeling … cuz with it comes accomplishment, achievement, fulfillment if it is gyming or exercise then all those body chemistry stuff kicks in and you even feel better… and then an amazing nice shower afterwards or a dip in the pool.

but most probably u are at work pushing papers all day … you can still shift into top gear !.. and the rewards are the same. It feels much better than lazying around. a solid day that you can walk away from knowing that you have done your best.

And i urge you to do it for yourself, there is no point looking over your shoulder to see if your boss or your colleagues are looking.. u might just be seriously disappointed.go have fun ticking off your “to do” list and then you can even have more fun cuz you have time 4 yourself.

Enjoy working hard! set a goal … and break it! do this in everything that you do today .. and maybe [ would be good ] every day.  May you have strength abound.


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"once you have decided what you believe; know that the truth is also out there" - J I Heeley

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men” –Johann Wolfgang Goethe



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