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10 rules that could save a facilitators life

From the files of Jonathan I Heeley

# 1

Be consistent, what you would do for one you need to do for another.
# 2 Always have your keys on you, no matter how much u think you won’t need them.
# 3 Remember de radio, answer your radio! Listen to conversations that could include you,
   Check that the noise level is equal to your surroundings.
# 4 Remember why you are here, if you here for the money only, find yourself another job
  You must be here to learn and grow yourself while aiding others to do the same.
# 5 If you don’t know how something is done, don’t stay silent. Ask, find out, but get it done.
# 6 This is a life rule > Don’t take life too seriously
# 7 Look at every group as a new group, whether you know the school or have worked with them.
  If the group and you are not “gelling” change your tactic. Change your angle> fast.
# 8 At night when sleeping either make sure you are wearing or have clothes ready that are
  suitable for you to be seen by clients. If something goes wrong you will be ready to help.
# 9 Get to know yourself, don’t burn yourself out, rather be out for an hour or two than a day
  or two, but when you have extra to give, push yourself because somebody else might need it.
  A campsite needs only to run at 100% not at 120%
# 10 If you are not having fun don’t expect your clients to be.
  You need to be having fun, but check yourself, don’t over do things, you are the example.

Become like a child.

So i am trying something different today … In fact it is the night before so it would b last night. As the topic is become like a child i am typing this on my cell phone and will later copy it over to my computer to up load it .

And no when i say become like one i am actually not referring to do things the way a child does it. I am saying there are things that we / you have done as a child that has been lost over time. Kinda like how movies portray some things i shall not mention that kids see and adults don’t or cant. Kids seem to have no worry in the world. And yes as adults – not that im fully there yet – we have responsibilities and other big words,

but just some times i think we miss it . We forget that there is another way of looking at things. Don’t do it any longer – don’t cheat yourself. You are closing yourself off to a world of possibilities.

Sho ! now that i tried this sms thing my thumb is hurting. I wonder how many words this is , will see 2moro. For now i know it is 6 sms’s and that is all i need to know, no need to worry about 2moro it will worry about it self. Now it is 7 lol.

Try the small things like looking at a worm for a while or waking up and starting a saturday morning with froot loops and cartoons. Enjoy and have a great day .


Inside emotion

Inside emotion

To an amazing person I write this note




All this that is in me I shall not write

For the lady, she has requested it

I therefore respect an honor her request

It is the best gift I can give

And so you see I shall write nothing further




–          J I Heeley


be ur best

no one  not even yourself should ask for more… if you do your best and you know that it was your best then what ever the outcome you should be proud of yourself.

from Cool Runnings:

Derice: You know, when the Swiss want to ge….[Team groans]

Sanka: Ah, will you shut up about the damn Swiss! I mean, it was all that eins zwei drei nonsense that got us all nervous in the first place.

Derice: Hey man, look here, I’m just trying to get us off on the right foot.

Sanka: Well the right foot for us is not the Swiss foot. I mean come on Derice, we can’t be copying nobody else’s style. We have our own style.

Derice: Kissing an egg is no kind of style. It’s the Olympics here, it’s no stupid push-cart derby. [Long pause]

Sanka: Let me tell you something rasta, I didn’t come up here to forget who I am and where I come from.

Derice: Neither did I, I’m just trying to be the best I can be.

Sanka: So am I, and the best I can be is Jamaican. Look, Derice…I’ve known you since Julie Jeffreys asked to see your ding-a-ling and I’m telling you as a friend if we look Jamaican, walk Jamaican, talk Jamaican and IS Jamaican, then we sure as hell better bobsled Jamaican.

be who you are, whoever that may be, and be proud of it.


stuck record

yesterday i played the game Buzz on PS 3 it tests your general knowledge and i did alright … but i realize that there is so much out there to learn or know.

i encourage you to grow today. learn some new things, push yourself to greater thinking. do not b a stuck record only repeating what you already know, continuing on the same tracks. Do some more research on the things you do know. Read some news articles even challenge yourself on a new topic perhaps. Read up about something that you have little interest in. Enjoy



i love the pic and the saying is on it. no act of kindness, however small, is wasted. It reminds me of even almighty > ARK act of random kindness. he had to do a major thing. we all like it when we get something and we feel good about ourselves when giving something. Even doing small things… it is the little things that count.

Do something kind today even if it is small… you might just save a life.


Raising the bar

So today is a very simple concept … sounds like déjà vu.. lol but once again it is. but unlike the other simple concepts this one ppl might not want to hear or do. I believe in raising the bar. We must raise the bar !

Ppl like myself sometimes unfortunately get settle in their ways. We do things like they are done cuz, A they work so why must we change them or B we “can’t find the strength” or don’t have [fill in the blank] to occomplish. Many times i think we are happy the way things are because we have already accomplished so much “i mean look at what I accomplished already”

And yes there are times to rest and enjoy what you have done and to make sure that things are going smoothly, but i think it needs to be a conscious decision and a time allocation needs to be put up saying> we need to review the situation in X amount of time.<

Another thing is nowing where the bar is. I agree not a very easy task when coming to life I mean pushing yourself to beet the world record of something means you know what the bar is to beet. I tell you it is only hard to find the bar if you are compairing yourself to others.

but we are talking about your own bar and your life and so you know where you are and therefor you will know when your pushing it when you raising the bar.

I encourage you to get to where you want to get in all areas of life, and when you there don’t be content, go further.

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