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balance – important

I recall mentioning this b4 is a my blog but i believe it is important and i would like to try a different angle.

In my own thoughts i have come to aim at (whether tru or not) being balanced in my life. In all areas of my life. Staying fit if working in an office. Sitting still for some time if you are needed to move around a lot. Being still – sitting up- if you need to talk a lot normally or need to be in a place of noise.

As we all know to much of a good thing is bad and so to much on one side of a scale .. well …you can fall off it. 😀 so one needs to look at where you are in all areas of your life and decide if you are leaning to far to one side.

And really> many of the things can’t be good for ones health … im not a Doctor or anything but it does not take a rocket scientist to see that some things are hurting you.

if you have looked at yourself and decide that you look like all is ok or on the other hand if you realize something is wrong -out of place-  but you can’t put your finger on it then you need some one from the out side. Ask a friend for the honest opinion or rather if you want professional advice, go to a life coach :)… my dad is one and has helped many ppl live their lives to the fullest.

Check that you are not over doing it – balance your lifestyle or you just might fall over.


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"once you have decided what you believe; know that the truth is also out there" - J I Heeley

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men” –Johann Wolfgang Goethe