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happy days! :)

I would like to encourage you to live a full life. there should not b a day that you are not happy with.

Where I currently work I don’t have the normal Monday to Friday work days.. We work on a system we get the same amount of says just worked out differently. Yesterday was one of those days.  Having gone to bed late the previous night, or should I say that morning early I woke up around 10 getting to around 12 I realised i have not done much yet. As the day drew to a close I took a look at my day and luckly I decided that although I did not do much it was a good days rest.

What it got me thinking is just that, I want to look back at a day and have done what I set out to do. Some people look back at a week or a month and decide ‘Yes over all I would say that was good’ . Life is short though and wasting days is just not worth it.

Make things happen in your day you are happy with. Have amazing days and not just bland dull ok ones.


what makes you happy?

It is a very simple question and when you know it use it.

What makes you happy?

Too often we forget, especially on those days when the clouds darken.  I am not sure objects can make you happy – maybe for a short time.We will not always have what makes us happy around but one must know that there are things. I suggest you surround yourself with things like that as much as you can!!

short and sweet 🙂 Have a Happy Day


leaders make paths

You can either choose to follow or choose to lead. Leaders do follow on occasion but not all followers lead.

I am sure there is a quote out there that says something along those lines. If not, I’m coining it. 🙂 Some people push the limits and some are just to hesitant to take any action. I know and understand that sitting in the back seat of a car only gets you to the place where the driver is taking you. The question is which one are you? Have you chosen? Personally I want to be a leader, in all areas of life not just in front of people. So along those lines, people pushing limits, I would like to tell you about the web site .

I am enjoying the site very much! The caption is “Ideas worth Spreading”. I like it 🙂 .. One because indirectly they are saying that some ideas on some other video sites may not be worth your time of day, secondly because although i have not gone through all of the videos the ones I have looked at are amazing.. some mind boggling and some mind blowing.

Take a look maybe >

Be leaders that make the paths or at least Be in the driving seat of your own life.


A Real Super Hero

It has been a while… Looking at the site states I am blown away. Having not posted for so long and my blog still going around.It puts a smile on my face and hopefully it has meant something for you all.

I am currently struggling with the notion of living life and not wanting to be apart of this reality, well the rules that this world abides to. I love people and day to day encounters but everyone in my surroundings are bound by the rules of the World. Now that might seem obvious, and I am happy if it does to you, but to me – I question the reality I live in everyday, subconsciously every moment.I want to fly, I want to stop time (Heroes) , I want to blink and be on top of the pyramids (Jumper), I want the things that we only see in Films to be a reality. I don’t want to just live day in day out.

Today I was wanting to get a few plans together for the future, I realize that even if  I become a person with great “power” or influence I will still be waking up and going to sleep, get hungry and need the toilet.

So It seems I am not happy with just being.

However until such day that an apple falls on my head or the lightbulb brightens – I have what I have and so I shall continue to be a member of this world for the time being.  I don’t want to stop pursuing this notion … and when I get it, I will then break boundaries.

So let me be today be who I want 2 B  – Today I want to be a Super Hero  🙂

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"once you have decided what you believe; know that the truth is also out there" - J I Heeley

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men” –Johann Wolfgang Goethe