Child Games

I had the privlage of witnessing a father teaching his kids “Hide and go Seek” it was an intresting task to watch. He explained to the children – both about 4 years of age – how the game worked and what they needed to do right then. The father continued to close his eyes and thee children did what they thought best. (One of the kids mostly was following the other) They went and stood behind the dad, why? Obvously once the dad finished counting he would open his eyes and not see them.. Hence the kids would of – in there minds- accomplished what was needed. The father then incouraged them to hide anywhere in the area behind anything. The two kids could not help but keep an eye on dad and see what he was doing and where he was looking.

For a moment it made me smile, only to continue the thought and my smile slowly faded. Do we live in a world where children must be thought hide and seek? I think u automatically know “peak a boo” when you’re a baby, then it moves on to h & s then some girl mentions kissing catches. or am i just being dumb and at some stage every one was tought these games?

What i do want to point out is the innocents of the kids and how it will change as the learn other things of the world. I would also like to applaude the father – for if that what it takes in these times we live in – he was spending the time with them and getting the basics of being a child into them.


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