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I was walking past a dad helping a child balance on a pole today and as the child nearly fell he help her keep her balance, a thought popped into my mind as i continued walking.

I wondered where the balance is between aiding the child to balance and letting them fall off and possibly hurt themselves. I think there does need to be times when we are not held up and kept up. Now to put some perspective on it. This kid was at least around 8, and although many of us struggle with balancing on a pole, I could not help think that if the dad was not there, the child would have made more of an effort to balance and probably or at least soon not need the father.[On a similar thought i like these new balance bikes for kids.. no training wheels just your feet then you have to balance.. i think it is a better way of learning, of training a child’s mind that you need to keep the bike up right.]

So the thought continues into life. Is it not time to find the right balance of help and doing it yourself. Maybe it is time to say thank you but I’ll be all right from now on.Where is the point where we need to do things by ourselves?

How do we know what we can handle? The answer of course is, we don’t know until we try. My suggestion is be who you want 2B, don’t let fear stop you from doing.


Child Games

I had the privlage of witnessing a father teaching his kids “Hide and go Seek” it was an intresting task to watch. He explained to the children – both about 4 years of age – how the game worked and what they needed to do right then. The father continued to close his eyes and thee children did what they thought best. (One of the kids mostly was following the other) They went and stood behind the dad, why? Obvously once the dad finished counting he would open his eyes and not see them.. Hence the kids would of – in there minds- accomplished what was needed. The father then incouraged them to hide anywhere in the area behind anything. The two kids could not help but keep an eye on dad and see what he was doing and where he was looking.

For a moment it made me smile, only to continue the thought and my smile slowly faded. Do we live in a world where children must be thought hide and seek? I think u automatically know “peak a boo” when you’re a baby, then it moves on to h & s then some girl mentions kissing catches. or am i just being dumb and at some stage every one was tought these games?

What i do want to point out is the innocents of the kids and how it will change as the learn other things of the world. I would also like to applaude the father – for if that what it takes in these times we live in – he was spending the time with them and getting the basics of being a child into them.


friends & communication

so i realised a few days ago that my past few post have not been very uplifting and it worried me – I believe that it reflects my current statues. Be it mindset, emotion or what have you. However before i go to depressing this is about a friends.

Not a day after i realised this about my posts a friend mentioned that it seems – by reading the blog – i am frustrated. 🙂 Now i’m not sure  i’m an open book or that she just knows me but is good to have a person that can put a mirror up saying >have you had a look at yourself lately,well what is going on there?

So i had a look and I think one of my current neglectful doings to myself  is opening not opening myself up. I am in my own world and trying to do things with me myself and I. Trying to get through life by my own. As you should know its not good.

So today’s post is a request to make sure you are talking to your friends and family. Make sure the lines of communication are open with people that you care about and that you know care about you. If you feel you don’t have friends, get some > by playing a sport or going to a pub and playing cards or a hobby that you dabbled in when you were younger. Surrounding yourself with life gives you life. (shotgun!!) Alsoo try getting hold of the good friends you lost communication with. Enjoy!! 🙂

Surrounding yourself with life gives you life. – J I Heeley


4th of July WOW moment

So it seems i want a something for my money.

I went to a 4th of July celebration tonight. Big American  fate / fairground with fire works 🙂 I had AW root beer, Mountain Dew and two corn dogs. I found myself standing in many of these pay and play to win a prize type games.  People were walking around with massive bears and tigers. Every time however i could not spend the money to have a go. Even if it was skill based games like darts. There was something stopping me>  I had a WOW moment. I found that i value my money to much . In fact not even the money.

The principle … I give you money you give me … food, assets, something for something sounds logical. Not I give you money for the possibility of a reward. I think that is it! People want to pay little and receive great reward.

The problem lies in the fact that people get it right.  My mind is ticking at a rapid speed currently. This applies to many things. This is why people play the lottery, my immediate thought after that is people will be drawn to it after they see there is a chance, so you need one person to win then done.  I wonder how much money the vendors make, or % profit?

Hmm well enough of my babble. I had a great time tonight being kid like.

I encourage you to Grow and keep on surprising yourself. Have these WOW moments. Life should be exciting not a drag day to day. If you have to many off days, grey days, or bland this sucks days. Change it up! o and Stay true to who YOU are.


happy days! :)

I would like to encourage you to live a full life. there should not b a day that you are not happy with.

Where I currently work I don’t have the normal Monday to Friday work days.. We work on a system we get the same amount of says just worked out differently. Yesterday was one of those days.  Having gone to bed late the previous night, or should I say that morning early I woke up around 10 getting to around 12 I realised i have not done much yet. As the day drew to a close I took a look at my day and luckly I decided that although I did not do much it was a good days rest.

What it got me thinking is just that, I want to look back at a day and have done what I set out to do. Some people look back at a week or a month and decide ‘Yes over all I would say that was good’ . Life is short though and wasting days is just not worth it.

Make things happen in your day you are happy with. Have amazing days and not just bland dull ok ones.


what makes you happy?

It is a very simple question and when you know it use it.

What makes you happy?

Too often we forget, especially on those days when the clouds darken.  I am not sure objects can make you happy – maybe for a short time.We will not always have what makes us happy around but one must know that there are things. I suggest you surround yourself with things like that as much as you can!!

short and sweet 🙂 Have a Happy Day


leaders make paths

You can either choose to follow or choose to lead. Leaders do follow on occasion but not all followers lead.

I am sure there is a quote out there that says something along those lines. If not, I’m coining it. 🙂 Some people push the limits and some are just to hesitant to take any action. I know and understand that sitting in the back seat of a car only gets you to the place where the driver is taking you. The question is which one are you? Have you chosen? Personally I want to be a leader, in all areas of life not just in front of people. So along those lines, people pushing limits, I would like to tell you about the web site .

I am enjoying the site very much! The caption is “Ideas worth Spreading”. I like it 🙂 .. One because indirectly they are saying that some ideas on some other video sites may not be worth your time of day, secondly because although i have not gone through all of the videos the ones I have looked at are amazing.. some mind boggling and some mind blowing.

Take a look maybe >

Be leaders that make the paths or at least Be in the driving seat of your own life.

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