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A Real Super Hero

It has been a while… Looking at the site states I am blown away. Having not posted for so long and my blog still going around.It puts a smile on my face and hopefully it has meant something for you all.

I am currently struggling with the notion of living life and not wanting to be apart of this reality, well the rules that this world abides to. I love people and day to day encounters but everyone in my surroundings are bound by the rules of the World. Now that might seem obvious, and I am happy if it does to you, but to me – I question the reality I live in everyday, subconsciously every moment.I want to fly, I want to stop time (Heroes) , I want to blink and be on top of the pyramids (Jumper), I want the things that we only see in Films to be a reality. I don’t want to just live day in day out.

Today I was wanting to get a few plans together for the future, I realize that even if  I become a person with great “power” or influence I will still be waking up and going to sleep, get hungry and need the toilet.

So It seems I am not happy with just being.

However until such day that an apple falls on my head or the lightbulb brightens – I have what I have and so I shall continue to be a member of this world for the time being.  I don’t want to stop pursuing this notion … and when I get it, I will then break boundaries.

So let me be today be who I want 2 B  – Today I want to be a Super Hero  🙂


fighting i continue

so i there again,

 i have been fighting some battle of my own the past week. It has been though. It seems that I forgot to take care of myself and my body let me know :/ ya well no fine… im almost better. Im getting full nights sleep again and not coughing my lungs out anymore so that is nice.

To ease back into this i shall write a short piece.

I realise that even small things can become a bad thing if done in the wrong way. My writing was be coming one for me and so i had to sought that out as well. Im starting again writing daily .. well except the weekends.

Hope all has been good – till later


Choose ur battles

Sometimes one needs to run…. And sometimes one needs to stand and fight

This is what I got form that line that my dad told me and taught me; sometimes it is just not worth getting into an argument. He said that some battles are bigger than others and so if you are going to fight then you should rather fight the big battles. The ones that are going to make the difference and not waste your time or bring up your convictions on things that at the end of the day you might win but it kind of gets you nowhere. I also realized or learnt or what have you that if you are going to fight every battle then how can people take you seriously on a one that you really are passionate about the ones that really count . – Similar to the boy who cried wolf. – … To repeat if you choose your battle then the ones that you choose people will understand that you serious about it.

Bottom line –  Not so much about running but more about being wise, war is a thinking game. When you go into it go in and win … till then do the other ones really matter?

Secondly .. Listen to your parents .. they actually know many things … even if you think you learnt enough or all you could from them they might have just the right advice for you.

I came across this article … [Parents] have a look


Sometimes one needs to run away.

This is my opinion; in fact this is my blog so it is all just from what I say but ya.

There are times that it is just not worth it to stay and fight and should rather run and to live, and then when you are stronger and have more insight, experience or whatever is needed you can come back to fight.

2moro I shall continue with a one of the lessons my father taught me that links well with today’s thought. > Choose your battles <


get it done

i once heard… even if it looks bad get it done!

what it is talking about is not about doing things sub standard but rather about actually finishing a task. This is not the same as procrastination i don’t feel. This is more about perfectionism , or worry or redoing the same thing over and over in the hope you are making it better.

Fear of failure?

Maybe it is that, maybe we don’t want to admit that we are wrong sometimes that it is ok to be wrong. Maybe we are worried that the world might end if the message is not received correctly … i have found that the world is not so worried about it … and you should not be as well.

If and when it can be batter then you can do it. but get it out there. That is why there is updates to software and phones and changes to products. If the things stayed in the warehouse till it was 100 % or perfect then we would never have things… Like the PS3 it came out big and bulky … i tad bit of a mess … but the fixed it up and now it is slim and smooth. have you realized how many times some soda can or ice cream logos change? not the main name but how it looks.

So instead of taking that extra week that you don’t actually have …maybe it is worth saying this is my product, what are your thoughts.

now im finished


giving is a gift


it is tru. i don’t know if you know but one really does feel good after having given a gift… something in pride of being able to make someone happy or the joy that you see in them is the joy that transfers to you. I don’t know but it is tru.

I have also seen that when you give then things go good for you as well. in other words. When you are sowing good seed what you receive in return is also good.

or maybe it is that we are copying a similar act that changed the coarse of history. The act of giving something that was most precious the the giver but knew that others would benefit from it, and i don’t know i was not there but im sure that although it could not have been an easy thing God was pleased that he could give is son Jesus to take away all sin, all law. So that no person once haven chosen the right path must live in darkness.

Enjoy giving, enjoy the joy that it brings to you. Bless other that you to may be blessed in doing so.


carving ur name

so when ppl look at the history books will your name be there? when someone speaks about you in years to come what are they saying? will you be remembered ?

I think most ppl would like to make there mark on this planet… my question to you is… what will that mark be? I think to many ppl have the wrong idea of what they want to put on this earth. Maybe you should think about it maybe you should decide what are you really here for.

Think, decide, choose what is important to you.

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