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A Real Super Hero

It has been a while… Looking at the site states I am blown away. Having not posted for so long and my blog still going around.It puts a smile on my face and hopefully it has meant something for you all.

I am currently struggling with the notion of living life and not wanting to be apart of this reality, well the rules that this world abides to. I love people and day to day encounters but everyone in my surroundings are bound by the rules of the World. Now that might seem obvious, and I am happy if it does to you, but to me – I question the reality I live in everyday, subconsciously every moment.I want to fly, I want to stop time (Heroes) , I want to blink and be on top of the pyramids (Jumper), I want the things that we only see in Films to be a reality. I don’t want to just live day in day out.

Today I was wanting to get a few plans together for the future, I realize that even if  I become a person with great “power” or influence I will still be waking up and going to sleep, get hungry and need the toilet.

So It seems I am not happy with just being.

However until such day that an apple falls on my head or the lightbulb brightens – I have what I have and so I shall continue to be a member of this world for the time being.  I don’t want to stop pursuing this notion … and when I get it, I will then break boundaries.

So let me be today be who I want 2 B  – Today I want to be a Super Hero  🙂



 i think i have mentioned this sometime previously but i think it is worth another mention.

 i urge you to have as many new experiences as you can, small things even. Don’t let opportunities pass you by just because you are to scared or think that it is too crazy. I have a group of learners here… and i am looking at taking them to the bush to sleep under the stars… some are up for it, some are finding it very very strange … i hope they all embrace it and have fun.


sweet return

Just saying hi, i am looking at getting blogging again from this month on. i am not sure of the format or type of blogging that i am going to do – we shall see. I am looking forward to it.

I can say though that i have – including today- 11 days of work left here at Camp. I am continuing on my journey – being obedient to what i feel the Lord wants for my life  – more about that in the days to come.

Have a sweet 1st of Feb


Random thought day

So today I want to take you back, for some it would be a few months for others maybe many years, but let us go back to… nights on camp. Is there some rule that you don’t sleep early if at all on camp? I mean really as much as I have spoken and us much us I heard (from my facilitators when I was on camps) that I need to sleep does it really happen? NO 😀 Everything happens but sleep .

So remember some good old days, some good moments … life is not all bad.


random goat


random goat >>> goat has got no hope – id rather be a sheep ba ba ba ba


Ya! ya! ya!

I am fascinated by the ability a game can have on a country and nation, a couple of weeks ago i watched Invictus it made me realize how brilliant it was to encourage the rugby team. It brought a nation closer.

Today i look at Netherlands and the world cup..btw if you do not know yet i have been supporting them from the beginning (first bafana but ya).. i sat and watched a country that has very little to do with me now, but was shouting for them, i was tense on there behave.

People are united when they Fight for something they believe in, no matter what background. Find common ground with people and they are your Allies.


fighting i continue

so i there again,

 i have been fighting some battle of my own the past week. It has been though. It seems that I forgot to take care of myself and my body let me know :/ ya well no fine… im almost better. Im getting full nights sleep again and not coughing my lungs out anymore so that is nice.

To ease back into this i shall write a short piece.

I realise that even small things can become a bad thing if done in the wrong way. My writing was be coming one for me and so i had to sought that out as well. Im starting again writing daily .. well except the weekends.

Hope all has been good – till later

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"once you have decided what you believe; know that the truth is also out there" - J I Heeley

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men” –Johann Wolfgang Goethe